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Amber Spencer Studio

About the Studio

About the Studio

I teach violin and viola private lessons and group repertory classes specializing in the Suzuki Talent Education Approach. Dr. Suzuki began a method of learning violin through immersion and repetition, similar to language acquisition, supported by a nurturing and encouraging teacher and parent. He said, “Character first, ability second.” My priority in the studio is for students to learn poise, sensitivity, persistence, integrity, grit, patience, to stick to the task, humor, to share, to have ownership over an assignment, musical literacy, to work happily and closely with their parent, focus, to serve others, to notice people around them, to feel empathy, leadership, selflessness, and confidence. 
Parents play a major role in this approach during lessons as they participate and take notes.  This way they can practice at home with their child, replicate the lesson, and correct and coach, whether they are musicians or not. Parents receive instruction too on how to best speak to their child to ensure practicing at home is enjoyable and tension-free. 
Students will become accomplished violinists as well as have the character and skills needed to accomplish any of their life’s pursuits!




Current Students

Current studio families have access to member-only pages that include the lesson schedule and calendar, studio roster for swapping lesson times, tuition payment links, studio policies, a resource page, recital information, program note submission group class study list, Suzuki recordings, studio discussion forum, and Special Listening / By Ear Tune / Poem ideas and submission form. Studio members can log-in on the

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Current Students

Prospective Students

Welcome! Families interested in joining the studio may submit their information in the ‘contact us’ section below. I will then send a password that allows you to view observation requirements, a further explanation of the Suzuki approach, the studio calendar and available lesson times, tuition and fees, studio policies, studio and group class locations, and how and where to procure an instrument after acceptance into the program.

Prospective Students
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